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Are you looking for the latest blockchain and bitcoin news? Cryptocurrency News is a powerful news aggregator that offers all the information you want about the crypto world fast and easy. You can choose from multiple categories, depending on the currency that you want covered.

Access the latest crypto news in the world

What makes Cryptocurrency News unique is the fact that you can easily access the best news in the crypto world and enjoy them unlike never before. You will have only news from reliable sources and these can be about anything from ICOs to mining or the way the general government handled cryptocurrencies and rules to begin with.

Cryptocurrency News gives you immediate access to P2P network exchange news and bitcoin news, as well as any other info you want. Some of the articles are cryptocurrency analysis pieces, so you always get an amazing experience and the best info that you may need.

Multiple news categories to choose from

With help from Cryptocurrency News you can always stay in touch with news regarding any particular currency or content category. We have only ICO news, currency pricing news and also introductory pieces or case studies. All of these are great if you want to learn all there is to know about the industry and how it evolves at this time in a powerful and meaningful way.

Lots of informative sources

Aside from covering some of the best cryptocurrency news websites online, cryptocurrency News also covers news from CryptoContro.IO, Reddit and Twitter. We always want you to stay up to date with the best and most relevant news, and you can rest assured that we always strive to keep news as accurate and as professional as possible.

200+ cryptocurrencies supported

We have news for more than 200 different cryptocurrencies. This means you can easily find the right news for any cryptocurrency you need. That alone makes the process a lot better and more convenient than ever before, and the experience will surely shine all the time due to that.

Beautiful interface

Thanks to Cryptocurrency News you have immediate access to all the news you need in the crypto world. The app is designed to have a clean UI, intuitive design and it also comes with filters and categories that make browsing news a breeze.

If you are passionate or interested in the latest cryptocurrency news, don’t hesitate and download Cryptocurrency News right now! And if you have any queries or suggestions, contact us at and we will gladly assist!


  • Access the latest cryptocurrency news
  • Multiple news categories to choose from
  • See news from online sources, Reddit and Twitter
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