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Finding difficulty calculating the number of working days or number of days between two days? It's time to make this simple calculation, even more, simpler with "Date Calculator" app. In just one click you can easily calculate the difference between to dates or calculate the number of working days. The app is very useful and helps you in estimating your plans. You can also calculate the exact difference accurate up to minutes. The "Date Calculator" is just awesome with Dates.

The "Date Calculator" app is very easy to use with a simple user interface and intuitive touch mode controls. With Date Calculator in your device, you can easily play around with dates. Add, Subtract two dates or add the number of days to dates, the app supports all kinds of calculation related to dates. You will surely be amazed to see the accurate results. The app is very useful for day-to-day life activity at the office, housing chores or at schools. Quickly find the number of working days left or the number of working days between two dates.! Its all in just one click.


Still looking for features that make “Date Calculator” the best app for you to calculate dates, days, months, age, etc.? Here are features of the app that make it incredible - - Calculate the number of days between two dates. - Calculate addition or subtraction for years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes - Calculate working days, add the number of days off within the period. - Calculate ages from the date of birth - Calculate the age difference between two persons - Countdown between two dates - Share the calculation to your friends

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The most useful and free-to-use Date Calculator app and make your life simpler. The app also takes care of leap years and number of days in months. Calculate the age difference or add the ages and share it among your friends to check out the reaction. The lightweight app is a must app for everyone be it kids or adults from any occupation. Get your own pocket-friendly Date Calculator and stop counting the dates in fingers.!

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